Bednarski-Lynch is committed to fighting for your FREEDOM, fighting for your FAMILY, and fighting for your FUTURE.

About Tina

Tina Bednarski-Lynch graduated from both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s of Science in Biological Science and Nursing, respectively. She currently works as an Infection Control and Quality RN. Her career has spanned across all age groups and covered many different sectors of nursing from surgical services and pain care to labor and delivery to end-of-life care. She has supported top doctors and managed teams of health care professionals, all while putting her patients first.

In addition to her medical work, Tina has spent decades serving her community through local elected office, Coaching at Grass Lake High School, and with local 4-H programs. Bednarski-Lynch enjoys farming at her home in Grass Lake. She has 3 children who graduated from Grass Lake High School. Tina and her husband Tim have been married for 35 years.  

Legislative Priorities

RIght to life

Government should protect our unborn, our disabled, and our elderly.

Religious Freedom

Government should protect religious freedom, not assault it.

Pro 2nd Amendment

A freedom protected Constitutionally.

Economic prosperity

It is the government’s responsibility to create an environment that is conducive to business growth. This, in turn, creates good paying jobs for Michiganders.

Safer Communities

Funding police, fire, EMS, and Military services so we can feel confident where we live, raise families, and retire.

World Class schools

Ensure public education is funded adequately, with the inclusion of transparency of curriculum. Parents, caregivers, community members should be provided curriculum/teaching plans upon request.

Election Integrity

Supports common sense reforms to restore voter faith in the election process.

Healthcare staffing levels

Address to ensure safe and effective care for clients, and safe environments for healthcare workers to practice.

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